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obsessivefanfic's Journal

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Obsessive Fanfiction Not Otherwise Specified
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Are you sick and tired of trying to vent your obsessions in your livejournal? Do you feel like those on your friends list don't care to hear about your latest dream or sexual fantasy? Are you in a constant state of depression because the love of your life just happens to live in Hollywood or LA or some remote cabin in Nigeria? Are you convinced that no one can fully understand your feelings for your obsession, however childish they may seem?

Then this is the place for you. This community is dedicated to those caught up in a whirl wind obsession. It can be a celebrity, a real person, your dog, whoever! You can post in it whenever you feel the need to; consider this community your comforting shoulder to cry on. You can also post your stories, poems, dreams, thoughts, and ideas here. All I ask is that you inform us of who your obession is, and there is to be no ridicule here. If someone is obsessed with Kermit the Frog, so be it. No judgements allowed here. Thanks!

Love, Laura ~ your obsessed community coordinator...

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