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my first GUD fic *yay*


"You've been a great- an audience esentially. Now fuck off!" Paul announced through the microphone. The audience cheered, whistled, laughed and clapped, hanging onto everyword he said like symbiotes, then the three performers left the stage, dragging their bucket of beer with them. The audience remained in their seats continuing their applause, expecting another 'final' appearnce. Behind the curtains however, the three men had already begun to change.
In his own dressing room, Paul was just removing his shirt when Cameron came in unannounced. He raised an eyebrow at the semi naked figure in front of him and gave a small nod of approval as he approached. He noted the fine down that scattered Paul's pigeon chest, the way it encircled his nipples before leaping boldly to his navel and tracing its way down to that hidden region below the waistband of his trousers. He felt a rush of warmth pass through his body as he absorbed this information. Now was the time, it was now or never. They had been working together for 18 months now, and this was the first time he had gathered the courage to make his move. As the distance between him and Paul lessened, he grew more agitated with excitement. Paul looked up startled by the sudden entrance, his shirt in his hand he stared as Cameron approached him from the doorway. The two men said noting.
Cameron raced uo to Paul and kissed him. At first Paul was taken aback by the embrace, pulling away from him and looking at Cam qizzially. He noted the expression of disappointment and embarrassment on the younger man's face and smiled. He dropped his shirt onto the floor and pulled Cameron into a long and passionate embrace. Pressing face against Cam's he forced the lads lips apart with his tongue and roamed his mouth. He tasted sweet. Cam kissed him back with all the passion of a giddy school boy unable to believe his luck. His hands explored the naked torso of his prize, feeling the softness of his skin, while his tongue darted in and out of his mouth. There was a moan of pleasure from Paul as Cam pulled himself closer and rubbed himself up against the front of Paul's crotch. There was a notable protrusion in the region which excited Cam more adn he felt a rush of pleasuer pulse through his body as his own erection brushed against Paul's. To Cam's complete embarrassment, as he kissed the man he had desired for months and his own bulging erection bumped against Paul's leg, he flet a second wave of pleasure and a distinct wetness in his jockeys as he ejaculated. A dark stain appeared in the front of his pants and the embrace was ended abruptly when Cam pulled away. He flushed with embarrassment and tried to hide it from his infatuation, but was unsuccessful. Paul tried mildly successfully to hide a smirk. Before he had a chance to rassure Cam that it was okay, he was gone, exiting the dressing room as quickly as he had entered. Paul stood staring at the closed door for a moment, smirked, shook his head, then continued to get changed.

17 July 2003
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