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Chapter 2

Nothing's More Than What Love Is For

Chapter 2:

*Sammy's POV*
We were...eh... in the mall now. Perfect place for chick hunting I guess. Only if there's no girl hanging on your arm. So I pulled my arms out of Mike and Jake's arms. I said, 'meet you here later guys' and I was of.
I walked passed those cute little skater shops when I saw some guys hanging in front of the window. I walked into the shop and went checking out the clothes they had. I tried on some skater trousers, black and a Tee with the lines: "if you can read this you're staring on a close distance. please move away, you're drooling on my shoulder" and a long gothic coat. Hey, I just love goth's. They're so cool! I bought the stuff and put it in a bag. The guys were still staring through the glass but now they were staring at me. Hehe! No way they're gonna flirt with me.
"Hmmm... I like the dark guy. Black hair...approved. Brown eyes...hmm okay. Height... perfect and look he's not drooling!" I walked up to him.
'Hey who are you? Haven't I seen you before?'
'No. I don't think so.' he said.
'What's your name?' I asked him.
'My name is Dan.'
'Dan? No, wait not Dan Sums'dale!'
'Huh? Wait, wait... You're Sammy? No way you moved.'
'I moved back again. I missed you.' I said smiling as sweet as I could. From the corner of my eye I could see Mike and Jake standing there. Suddenly Dan kissed me and I kissed him back. After a while he pulled back.
'It's really you. Your hair changed and you've grown up but your still as teasingly as ever.' I laughed and said: 'wanna go out once?'
'Kay here same time tomorrow?' he said.
'Make sure you're sexy.'
'I'm always sexy.'
'I know. Just try you're best okay?' I nodded and walked away towards Mike and Jake.

*Mike's POV*
She just kissed this guy when me and Jake were walking by. That's not like her. She keeps on chatting for a minute and then walks away smiling victoriously.
'What was that?' I ask her.
'I got a date 12AM tomorrow. Here.'
'Aren't you supposed to kiss after a date?' I asked her.
'Then you are about ten years too late. That's Dan remember?'
'Dan? I didn't know you knew his name.'
'Yeah, well I forgot at first but mom kept talking about it. Dan Sums'dale. Nice name huh?'
'No. and I don't like him either.' I know I sound like a whiner but hey, I'm worried she's a lifelong friend.
'You're whining.' She said annoyed.
'I still think you gotta watch out for him.' I say dryly and signal her to walk with us.
'We were gonna go for a drink and then head back to the others, weren't we Mike?' Jake said to me. I told him he was right and asked her if she wanted a drink.
'Yeah, a coke please.' she replied smiling yet again.
'You know Mike, I know you're worried but I can take care of myself and I know I can count on you when I need you.' she said, her smile now faded away.
'I'll always be there.' was all I could think of to say. I was looking at her through whole different eyes now. I wanted to protect her, though I know she's strong. I wanted to be with her, always.
Am I falling in love? Have I always be in love with her? No way. I know her like I know Billie Joe, far too good and far too long and she's like a sister that's been on a long trip. She could never be a lover. Never. Could she?

*Billie Joe's POV*
We're waiting for the others now. We didn't spot any cute girls. At least I didn't, John did. Some Spanish chick who's fucking ugly. My heart skips a beat when I see Sammy. Jake's arm is hooked in hers and she's drinking something. Mike looks a little troubled. I wonder what for.
'Hey mates!' I yell.
'Any luck there?'
'Only Sammy.' Jake shouted back. I pretend nothing's wrong with that.
'Who?' I ask her. She's got a happy smug smile on her face.
'Dan, my first kissing mate ever.'
'Oh. Have fun' John remarked as tactful as ever.
'Yeah, have fun.' Mike muttered.
Huh, this is not his usual self.
'Come on let's go there're no girls I'd like to date around here.'
'I guess.' I added. Sammy just frowned.
'Whatever makes you happy, hun.' she told me. I put my arm around her shoulder, and she didn't even push it of. We just walked like that.

That night I had a dream. And she was in it... weird, but she was floating between me, that Dan guy and Mike. What the hell? I woke up and noticed I was sweating.
"Fuck!" I thought while I laid back on my back. It took a while after I fell asleep again.

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