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this is my first time in this community but I want to post a chapter of a story I wrote. Please tell me whether you like it or not?

Nothing's More Than What Love Is For.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:
I'm on my computer and look who's on line. "Oh my god!" I think when I see Mike's name appear on the screen. I click and a conversation screen opens.
"Heey" I type. A reply appears on the screen.
"Hay, how're u doing?"
"Fine. You?"
"Okay I guess. My girlfriend broke up with me"
"Uh... wtf would she?" Mike replies that he doesn't know but he is sort of over her.
"Can I come over tomorrow?" I ask him. Stupid question. I live at the other end of California. This sucks. But then I remember that mom and dad wanna move.
"I don't know, maybe my friends are around."
"I'll come anyway. I'm moving to Oakland. I just remembered"
"you are?"
"Ah! Wait the truck is here! Got 2 go. They expect us to go already. Bye. Bye" He says goodbye too and I turn of the computer. My dad unplugs it and puts it in a box and stuff. Some guys put the boxes into the truck and we get into the car. The next morning at 6AM I wake up in the car. The truck is gone and mom and dad are busy unpacking things already. Good thing it's weekend, I think cause I got no books, no clothes, no nothing. I get out of the car and I walk to Mike's home. He told me where he lived and I knew where to go. 'Mike!' I yelled when I reached his place. A head comes out of the window. 'Huh? You Sammy? I imagined you'd look different. And why are you so early?' 'I woke up in the car and my bed was still in pieces so I walked to your place.' 'Come in' he said. He opened the door for me and I stepped in. 'Wow. You look different than I imagined too.' We mailed for years but the last time we saw each other was when we where like 6 years old. I got his e-mail and we stayed in touch but I didn't remember how he looked like, only from old pictures. 'I didn't know your hair was golden-brown. Nor that it was so short.' 'My hair is blonde and it used to be long I just didn't like it anymore. you look like the pictures only your so tall.' 'Yeah I grew a lot.' 'No kidding.' 'Can I sleep for a while? Cuz' I'm really tired' he said. 'Yeah sure, if I can sleep too.' I nodded. 'Sure come on.' he pulled me under the sheets and wrapped his arms around me. Like that we fell a sleep. at 11:30 AM we woke up from knocks on the door. 'Hey. Mike are you there! Wake up you ass!!!!' 'Hmm... that would be my friends.' he yawned. 'I'll open the door' I said standing up from the bed. I walked to the door and opened it.

*Billie Joe's POV*
Me and John and Jake were knocking the hell out of the door when someone opened it. It wasn't Mike, though the person who opened had brownish short hair. Mike didn't wear girl's clothes and he didn't have a... D/C cup. 'Who are you?' John asked. 'I'm Mike's friend.' the girl replied dryly. 'I'm Sammy and you guys are...' 'Billie Joe, with the black hair, Jake, the blond one and I am John.' John said. 'We can talk for ourselves John.' I told him. 'I did go to school.' 'And got expelled.' John threw back at me. 'Are you guys gonna argue there or what?' 'Yeah, always babe.' Jake said. 'Are you Mike's girl?' John threw in somewhere between our arguing. 'Huh? What? No!' she denied. Mike came at the door now. He was busy pulling his shirt over his head. 'Oh no, you're not his girl. We believe you.' John said sarcastically. 'She's right. I broke up with someone, but not her. This is Sammy, my childhood friend.' 'I thought I was your childhood friend!' I pouted. 'Yeah, but I met her when I was 2 years old and she left when we were 6. But we kept in touch.' 'Where did you go?' 'My parents moved to the other end of the fucking state. They thought Oakland was a bad influence on an innocent little girl like me.' she said pulling an angel face. Mike pulled one eyebrow up. 'Innocent?' he asked. 'Are you really Sammy?' 'Yeah.' she said with puppy dog eyes. They were a lovely grey/blue with hints of green and a brown iris. 'The one who was kissing someone when you were 5?' 'That's exactly why we moved.' she said. Now she was pulling a face. 'Now that wasn't a bad move. You're more gorgeous than most girls round here.' I said. 'Flattering.' she said sarcastically. 'What're you gonna do anyways?' she asked mike. 'Hangin' around. We were gonna check on girls but now...' 'Oh I'll find some guys. You go girl hunting.' she said with this devilish smile. "Hmm... she is the kind of girl I want to hunt." I thought. The others were going already and I walked along. I walked behind her, looking at her great ass. 'You're staring at the girl's ass, you know?' I heard John's voice. 'Huh, yeah.' 'She's gonna kick you in the groin if she notices.' Mike said smirking. Sammy looked around. 'If I notice WHAT?' she asked. 'Nothing' Mike said quickly pulling her forward and out of reach from my groin. 'Billie, that was awkward for ya man. You could have been lying on ya knees right now.' Jake said. 'Remind me not ever to stare again.' I murmured.
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